Detailed coffee reports are generated from blind cuppings, with seasonal updates and open access provided.

C o f f e e   D a t a b a s e  

Hi. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to Forward, your ultimate destination for exquisite, transparent, and carefully curated green coffee offerings. Our mission is to revolutionize the Specialty Coffee Sector by fostering meaningful connections, nurturing growth, and introducing an enticing array of coffees sourced from producers we deeply respect and support.

Though our journey began in Canada, our reach extends far and wide. We warmly invite roasters and coffee enthusiasts from around the globe to embark on this exciting adventure with us. With seamless shipping to destinations like the USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and beyond, your next coffee exploration awaits right at your doorstep.

At Forward, our dedicated team is committed to helping you bring your dream roasting operation to life. From charting your path to the origin to optimizing your coffee program, we're here to support you every step of the way. Explore our carefully curated selection of coffees, each chosen for its excellence and triumph in global competitions.

By choosing Forward, you'll gain exclusive access to producer relationships cultivated by Cole Torode, a two-time Canadian National Barista Champion and seasoned green coffee buyer. Reach out, introduce yourself, and let's move coffee forward together!

Forward Lottery

Every four months we plan to host a new season of the Forward Lottery - kind of like a game show. The intention is to push roasters outside their comfort zones and challenge their perspectives using a fun, community-driven, and playful concept.

Every season, we will select a new coffee. We believe these coffees will have exceptional cup quality and a wonderful background story. Unfortunately, we will not share any of the information about the coffee itself with you—well, at least not until we crown the winner at the end of the Season.

J o i n   n o w !  


I have had the pleasure of working with Cole and the Forward team since November of 2020. I love the transparency that Forward offers and the ability to share personal stories about the journey of the farmer along with time spent on the farm.
Cole has provided me with some valuable insight into roasting, by being a sounding board for me helping to achieve the desired result in my coffee.
Being a sole business owner, having a coffee expert on the other end of the phone allows me to tap into some great conversations that I believe have elevated my game in a short amount of time.

Al Dawson


We've been fortunate to work with Cole and the Forward team right from their get-go. On top of providing excellent coffee, Cole is extremely efficient, transparent, and available for all questions. The coffee business is a people business, and knowing Cole and his team are just a phone call away means the world to us. He is down to earth, real and goes the extra mile to be the best import partner possible. Forward has been nothing less than awesome to have in our network.

Max Vassart

Zab Café


Do you ship internationally?

For our Exotic 1kg Offerings we exclusively ship out of our Calgary Warehouse and are available to ship via couriers such as UPS, FedEx or DHL.
For our Volume Offerings we can ship boxes of 15 to 30kg with a courier, no problem. Once we get above that size, it becomes a risk to ship and we prefer to go via pallet. So please contact us to find out pricing and we promise we will always work with you to get the best quotes possible. We are looking to get the best value to you, not to freight companies.
All shipping rates are available directly at checkout page.

Do you offer samples?

We're currently unable to provide samples for our 1 kg increments due to logistical constraints.

However, we've compiled a detailed coffee database for your convenience, featuring comprehensive information about our coffees, including FOB price, updated measurements of moisture and density every three months, processing details, and cupping notes from experienced Q-Graders and/or competition winners