Forward Coffee Database

Our Cupping Standard
  • All cupping notes and scores are from blind cupping sessions conducted by experienced Q-Graders and/or competition winners.
  • Our Cupping Protocol and Scoring Standard are based on 2024 SCA CVA system.
  • Water standard: 110-120ppm, prepared with PERFECT COFFEE WATER.
  • Our sample roasting size is 50g on Ikawa Pro, with this Sample Profile (Pleas visit with Ikawa App).
  • Bean data is routinely updated every season.
Encountering Challenges?
  • When a coffee doesn't show the Affective scores, it indicates that it was cupped using the traditional SCA cupping protocol. However, don't worry! You can likely still find it in our Archive Database.
  • We're always here to support you. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to reach out to us!

Where to find the "SKU"?

You can find it:

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