Season 6 - Tickets on Sale


Welcome back to the Forward Lottery, Season Six.

SEASON SIX tickets are on sale until December 17th.
SEASON SIX roast submissions are due February 23rd.
SEASON SIX evaluation will occur February 25th - 27th.

**Lottery Tickets require shipping payment at checkout. The Lottery is now available for roasters Globally.**


What is the Lottery?

Each quarter we plan to host a new season of the Forward Lottery - kind of like a game show. The intention is to push roasters outside their comfort zones and challenge their perspectives using a fun, community-driven, and playful concept.

Every season, we will select a new coffee. We believe these coffees will have exceptional cup quality and a wonderful background story. Unfortunately, we will not share any of the information about the coffee itself with you—well, at least not until we crown the winner at the end of the Season.

The Lottery will always be $30 CAD buy-in per kilogram of coffee, plus shipping. 

This equates to approximately $10/lb USD. For each buy-in, which we call a Ticket, you'll receive exactly 1kg with a maximum of 6kg per roaster. This cost is an effort to speak to coffee pricing for quality green coffee that is thought-provoking, complex and dynamic that we personally love to drink and serve.

Anyone who purchases a Ticket during a Season, will receive a physical scratch card in their box. This card unveils your identity throughout the respective Season of the Lottery. You must keep your Ticket to prove your identity should your number be called as one of the Lottery Top 5. Otherwise, this whole thing happens blindly. Ooooh, how fun :)

The premise of the Lottery is super simple. You must roast the coffee you receive and send back 400 grams for evaluation. The evaluation is a big ol' tasting tournament (cupping) that will happen over a handful of days. The coffee will be evaluated blindly (no numbers shown) by a panel of qualified judges in a multi-day cupping event with strict procedure and guidelines.

The simple goal is to bring friendly competition, collaboration and community to the coffee roasting community. The hope is to recognize and acknowledge all levels of roasting talent that exist out there - regardless of operational scale, market recognition or social media presence. It also gives a way to highlight unique coffees, from thoughtful producers, and engage with coffee people beyond their ordinary lens of perspective.

Season Six will ship on the 20th of December, so you'll receive it after the chaos of Christmas. We must have the coffee back in our hands on the 23rd of February, at the latest, for evaluation on the 25th - 27th.



Value Proposition

So, you’re probably wondering why we're doing this. Through our efforts, we believe we can create dialogue around coffee pricing. By increasing the expectation for pricing on the specialty side, we can change the level of respect for coffee producers globally. By raising the ceiling, we believe there is potential that together we can also lift the floor. 

Should you wish to sell your roasts of the Lottery coffee, you're more than welcome to. We'd recommend around 3-4x for a retail price. This equates to a cost of about $1 per 10 grams of roasted coffee. If you'd like to offer a brewed service, we'd recommend 6-10x. A 250mL brew for ~$5 is less expensive than the worst glass of wine you'll find on any restaurants menu and your cost of goods should sit around 50-75 cents. It might be fun to involve your clients in the process. Perhaps, share the coffee with them in a blind tasting and try to create a dialogue around flavor.



Post Lottery Feedback Opportunity

Once the Lottery Season has completed, we'll take data analysis of all the Lottery roast submissions that were entered and make this information available to those who participated. Participants will be able to see numerous data metrics of how their roast compared to others, in a completely blind basis. A safe, judgment-free evaluation.

After the Lottery, entrants will be offered a unique experience of having their roast re-coded, with five other coffees, and shipped to their door. This is a way to further extend value and give a platform for roasters to see how their perspective or vision of a coffee compares in a controlled and standardized format. It's a truly unique sensorial experience and learning opportunity.



Prizes include

1st Place -  $1000 in online credit, an engraving on a gold trophy we're working on sourcing, a season pass for a future Forward Lottery, and of course, bragging rights
2nd Place -  $500 in online credit + a season pass for a future Forward Lottery
3rd Place - $250 in online credit + a season pass for a future Forward Lottery
4th and 5th Place - a season pass for a future Forward Lottery

With the Forward Lottery, the odds are always in your favour.



Congratulations to:
1st Place - Drift Coffee Roasters from Dawson Creek, British Columbia
2nd Place - RKI Coffee Lab from Richmond, British Columbia
3rd Place - Eclipse Coffee Roasters from Canmore, Alberta
The coffee for Season Five of the Forward Lottery was, Juan Peña, Hacienda La Papaya natural Typica, from Saraguro, Ecuador. This coffee was purchased for USD $17.60/kg FOB.



Congratulations to:
1st Place - Sorellina Coffee from Edmonton, Alberta
2nd Place - Harrisons Coffee Co from Winnipeg, Manitoba
3rd Place - Morning Roast Coffee Roasters in Etobicoke, Ontario
The coffee for Season Four of the Forward Lottery was, Juan Peña, Hacienda La Papaya washed Typica, from Saraguro, Ecuador. This coffee was purchased for USD $17.60/kg FOB.




Congratulations to:
1st Place - ZAB Coffee from Montreal, Quebec
2nd Place - Prairie Lily Coffee Roasters from Lloydminster, AB/SK
3rd Place - Eclipse Coffee Roasters from Canmore, AB
The coffee for Season Three of the Forward Lottery was, Felipe Arcila, Jardines del Eden Natural Anaerobic Tabi, from Quindio, Colombia. This coffee was USD $16.58/kg FOB .



Congratulations to:
1st Place - Not Even Coffee from Toronto, Ontario
2nd Place - Prototype Coffee from Vancouver, British Columbia
3rd Place - Requiem Naturals from Victoria, British Columbia
The coffee for Season Two of the Forward Lottery was, Savage Coffee 'Iridescence' Geisha Washed Carbonic Maceration Geisha, Savage Coffee Micro-mill, from Chiriqui, Panama. This coffee was USD $55/kg FOB.



Congratulations to:
1st Place - The Library Specialty Coffee from Toronto, Ontario
2nd Place - Prototype Coffee from Vancouver, British Columbia
3rd Place - Rogue Wave Coffee from Edmonton, Alberta
The coffee for Season One of the Forward Lottery was, Samuel Ronzon lot 21 Experimental 96 hour Natural Anaerobic Red Bourbon + Typica, La Joya Micro-mill, from Veracruz, Mexico. This coffee was USD $20.90/kg FOB.