Season 1 Now Live




Each quarter we plan to host a new season of the Forward Lottery, our intention is to push roasters outside their comfort zones and challenge their perspectives. We will select a new coffee with each new season. These coffees will have a wonderful background story and are of exceptional cup quality. Unfortunately, we will not share any of that information with you—well, at least not until we crown the winner.

The Lottery will always be $30 buy-in per kilogram of coffee. This equates to approximately $10/lb USD. This is the FOB cost we believe the pricing should be for quality green coffee that is thought-provoking, complex and dynamic that we love to drink and serve.

So you’re probably wondering why we are doing this? Through our efforts we believe we can create dialogue around coffee pricing. By increasing the expectation for pricing on the specialty side we can change the level of respect for coffee producers globally. By raising the ceiling, there is potential that together we can also lift the floor.