Hi. Nice to meet you.

We're Forward. We're here as your Canadian source for unique, transparent and thoughtful green coffee offerings. We're looking to connect, build and grow the Canadian Specialty Coffee Sector by bringing in a dynamic range of coffees, backed by producers we believe in and are committed to moving forward with.

Though we're based in Canada, we're not limited to working solely with Canadian roasters, so please don't hesitate to connect with us. We ship coffee to the USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and more. Next could be you.

With over 30 years of collective experience in the industry, the team at Forward is here to help you build that dream roasting operation you've always wanted, to architect your bridge to origin and best execute on your coffee program. We're not looking to just be your source for green coffee, we're hoping to be your guide to a successful roasting operation.

If you're a roaster based in Canada, you'll know it can been challenging finding unique coffee offerings while supporting a Canadian based importer. As Canadians, we battle pricing constantly being in USD, working our cost of goods in pounds and then often paying to have the coffee brokered over the boarder. Not to mention inconsistent pricing templates. Forward is here to change that.

We take coffee very seriously, sourcing offerings that have been successful in a multitude of different competitions globally. By choosing to work with Forward, you'll gain access to producer relationships which two-time Canadian National Barista Champion, Cole Torode, has been developing throughout the last five years as a green coffee buyer. These are relationships based on trust, progress and mutual benefit - a similar type of relationship we're hoping to grow and establish with you and your roasting concept.

At the same time, we're all about enjoying ourselves while we navigate the world of coffee. What better way to enjoy yourself than participating in a friendly, educational competition that might fast track your coffee roasting operation? You'll want to try your hand at the Forward Lottery. Our vision is simple, we plan to forward coffee. Send us a message, introduce yourself and let's move forward together