MAYAAN [2020]



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This coffee comes from the farm of a father and son that's been part of the family for generations. Mohammed Hiba(Father) always loved their farm and their coffee and were against Qaat (a local drug similar to chewing tobacco) trees that invaded the country. The push now is to remove the Qaat trees and find value once again in coffee.

This farm has approx. 3000 trees of coffee, and is located at an altitude of 1800 MASL on the mountain of Haraz, Yemen. The challenge presented by Qaat is difficult for them, and many producers in Haraz, but they believe, through hard work and love of coffee will keep them strong, stable and connected to the World.

Farmers like to call the fruits of Haraz Red, The Red Agate (Al Aqeeq Al Ahmar) , compared to the precious and famous Yemeni stone to express their appreciation for these fruits.

Haraz region see's an altitude of 1800-2460 MASL. The temperature is moderate and humidity is low. The only source of water to irrigate the plants is 100% from rain and fresh spring waters that come out of the high-rise mountains

All coffee trees are organic, though not certified, and are harvested fully by hand when the fruits are mature and have reached the Haraz Red colour. This slow growth ensures dynamic flavour profiles that range in complexities thanks to old growth plantations dating back many hundreds of years ago..

Everything is dried as a natural on mats made of palm trees on raised beds and carefully turned by hand so that the surface of the shell receives equal amount of sunlight, until the internal moisture reaches 11-13%. The drying time is between 14 – 17 days.

This particular lot is being offered through Forward Coffee thanks to Hudaifa and his brothers of Mokha King Coffee. The three of them have recently begun a journey in re-establishing the coffee industry of Yemen and showcasing the beauty of Haraz Red to the world.

We had the privilege of cupping these offerings from Moka King and loved the layered flavour profiles and prolific stories behind the coffees. Forward is passing 90% off the proceeds of this coffee back to supporting Mokha King, the growth of their business and education within Yemen.

If you're interested in this coffee but prefer a smaller bag size, please email