9 AMIGOS 46kg @ $19/kg

9 AMIGOS 46kg @ $19/kg



Arriving late-August

GRUPO DE PRODUCTORES DE CAFÉ DE IXHUATLÁN is formed by 9 producers along with their families. They call their coffee '9 Amigos'. Their work in Specialty Coffee began 7 years ago in Ixhuatlán, Veracruz.

This coffee is cultivated in a coffee forest, utilizing a traditional diverse canopy system


Variety: 80% Red Bourbon + Mix of Typica and Garnica
Price per kilogram: 12 USD FOB
Process: Washed
Total kilos available: 1150 kg
Harvest date: January 2020
Fermentation: First the cherry is removed and the coffee goes through a long pre-fermentation with no water of approximately 36 hours.
Drying time: 15 days total direct drying in African beds