DIEGO CASTRO 1kg @ $57.5/kg

DIEGO CASTRO 1kg @ $57.5/kg


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Arrival September 2020.

Forward purchased 2 x 35kg of Diego Castro's Rum + Mandarin Tabi

One (1) bag of 35kg has been booked by Rogue Wave Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta

One (1) bag of 35kg has been booked by House of Funk Brewing in Vancouver, British Columbia

From Planadas, in the Tolima department. This is the first time purchasing from Diego Castro and have bought solely based on cupping as this lot was incredibly unique, complex and lively.

The ripe cherries undergo a 48 hour fermentation in an anaerobic environment using GrainPro, with dried mandarin oranges included. Following this, the coffee is taken to raised beds to dry until 10.5% moisture with again dried mandarin oranges ontop of the coffee cherries. After the coffee is fully dried, it's milled and aged in rum barrels for 15 days.

Diego is a small holder member of ASOPEP Cooperative which is considered the most quality focused cooperative in Planadas. This is his second year experimenting with fermentations and anything outside of washed coffees.