DAVID CORREAL 35kg @ $50/kg

DAVID CORREAL 35kg @ $50/kg


$1,575.00 Regular price $1,750.00

Arrival September 2020.

David Correal is a 2nd generation coffee grower. He was a soccer player almost all his life until 26 years old when he decided to become a teacher and also started his interest in coffee. Just two years ago David started to work with Specialty Coffee and different processing techniques.

This coffee was picked following a strict ripeness criteria, hand sorted and floated. 

Variety: Castillo
Price per kilogram: $26.52 USD FOB
Process: Natural Mandarin
Total kilos available: 70 kg
Harvest date: January 2020
Fermentation: This coffee is left to ferment in GrainPro bags for 48 hours with mandarin skin as a natural then taken to dry on raised beds until 10.5% moisture.
Drying time: 16 days total direct drying in raised beds