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Arrived March 4th, 2024 to Calgary Warehouse.

Forward purchased 24kg of EL DIVISO Duo Cherry Velvet Sidra Bourbon Competition Lot.

Bourbon Sidra is a unique and relatively rare coffee variety. It is the result of a controlled crossbreed between Bourbon and SL28 known as Sidra. Bourbon Sidra coffee is prized for its complex and unique flavor profile. It is often described as having notes of tropical fruits, lavender, rose, jasmine and a bright acidity. It is elegant and silky. The combination of Bourbon’s sweetness and Sidra’s distinct attributes contributes to this unique flavor profile.

Duo Cherry Velvet suggests a rich and harmonious coffee experience with a velvety mouthfeel. It’s a compelling choice that can attract coffee enthusiasts seeking a unique and indulgent coffee experience. Duo Cherry emphasizes the combination of naturally dried and fresh cherries, which processed together convey a smooth and luxurious texture.

Detailed Process - Cherries at the optimal ripeness point are picked from the healthiest trees with the best foliage. Harvest is done in rain-free days to ensure high sugar content and minimal water presence. The cherries are disinfected with alcohol, floaters are removed, and we classify the best cherries.

Oxidation - At room temperature for 24 hours in open plastic drums.

Fermentation Process - Anaerobic fermentation for 60 hours, then submerged at temperatures between 30-32 °C for 36 hours, adding microorganisms reproduced from the same variety. Anaerobic yeast fermentation highlights the unique fermentation process used to create the coffee’s flavor profile, which can pique the curiosity of coffee enthusiast who appreciate the art and science of coffee production.

Quenching - Water is removed and the cherries are oxidized for another 24 hours. Hot (50°C) - Cold (20°C) water quenching follows to halter fermenting and eliminate
microbial load. Quenching is a specific method of rapidly cooling down coffee cherries. It is a critical step in various coffee processing methods.

Pristine Precision Drying - Coffee is dried in a hermetically sealed stainless steel
dehumidifier until it reaches 14%. Pristine Precision Drying is used to describe this system that maintains the coffee’s pristine quality during the drying stage.

Duo Cherry Simultaneous Depulping - Semi natural cherries dried to 14% humidity are mixed with freshly picked washed cherries and depulped together. The Duo Cherry Simultaneous Depulping consists in using the viscosity and humidity of the fresh cherries to depulp the natural dehydrated cherries together. Once depulped, the beans are left for 40 hours to ferment in closed plastic bags. Finally, once again through the Pristine Precision Drying equipment to take humidity to 11.5% and Water Activity under 0.6%.

Variety: Sidra Bourbon
Price Forward paid per kilogram: 88.20 USD FOB
Process: Natural Duo Cherry Velvet
Producer: Lohas Beans
Total kilos purchased: 24kg
Harvest date: 2024
Fermentation: anaerobic fermentation for 60 hours
Drying time:
Altitude: 1700-1800 masl
Region: San Agustin, Huila, Colombia

All cupping results are derived from blind cupping sessions and adhere to SCA cupping standards.

Our sensory team comprises calibrated, certified Q graders and/or individuals who have excelled in competitions.