LA JOYA [2021]




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Arrived October 15, 2021 to Calgary Warehouse in Calgary, AB

Forward purchased 10 x 15kg bags of La Joya Micro-mill lot 4 Gema Natural Red Bourbon + Typica


Two (2) bags of 15kg will be frozen in the FWD Cellar in 1kg vacuum sealed bags to capture and preserve this outstanding coffee as a vintage, to be released in the future, so we always have coffee to look forward to.

Samuel Ronzon is a third-generation coffee producer based in Veracruz, Mexico. He operates La Joya Micro-mill, in tandem with his wife Gloria, a PhD candidate in Ecology and Biotechnology Sciences. Their focus is on the production of intentionally fermented specialty coffees, using fermentation as a vehicle to drive flavour in the cup.

Depending on the coffee variety or protocol they decide to develop, they will select from four family states which total 40 hectares. These properties are operated in a approach which includes permaculture, agroforestry and sintropic agriculture techniques. Their coffee plants range in density from 2000 to 3000 trees per hectare.

Currently, Forward Specialty Green Coffee is purchasing all of the coffees produced by La Joya Micro-mill and acting as the Global sales and logistics partner. The coffees listed here showcase the full 2021 collection of La Joya Micro-mill.

There are two lines of coffees available through La Joya, Experimental and Gema.

Experimental is a first year attempt of a processing technique, whereas Gema is a structural processing technique that has been performed and deemed successful in previous seasons.

In this particular lot, a co-fermentation of 80% Red Bourbon + 20% Typica takes place over 120 hours enclosed in GrainPro with controlled temperature. This is followed with 30 days total direct drying in raised beds.

Lot 4 is bright and tropical. Think passionfruit and mango, with kiwi presenting as well. These bright top notes are given structure through a creamy, slightly melted dark chocolate texture and taste, running into a lasting finished.


Variety: 80% Red Bourbon + 20% Typica
Price Forward paid per kilogram:  $24.00 USD FOB
Process: Gema Natural lot 4
Total kilos available: 150 kg
Harvest date: November 13, 2021
Fermentation: 120 hours enclosed in GrainPro with controlled temperature
Drying time: 30 days total direct drying in raised beds
Humidity: 11.3%
Density: 681 gm/L
Water Activity: 0.71
Stabilization: 120 days