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Arrived June 10th, 2024 to Calgary Warehouse.

Forward purchased 20kg of Finca Deborah "ELIPSE" Nitrogen Anaerobic Natural Geisha, Washed Finish.

Finca Deborah is an absolutely gorgeous coffee farm in the Los Pozos micro-region of Volcan, Panama. It is one of the most awarded coffee farms on the planet, having significant success in all World Coffee Competitions.

Jamison Savage and his family are the ones to thank for the wonders of Finca Deborah. The farm starts at 1900 meters and climbs to over 2000. The rainforest canopy, dense cloud coverage and a vision for natural and bio-dynamic agriculture leads way to one of the most stunning terroirs the coffee world has known.

Master of the details, Jamison is also known for meticulous processing and a vast array of styles. Each process has it's own title, giving it sex-appeal beyond the finer details. Jamison is said to be one of the first producers to utilize carbonic maceration processing technique in the world of coffee - an innovation brought upon his deep and immense appreciation for the world of wine.

Forward has a working relationship with Jamison and Finca Deborah dating back to 2017. Our founder Cole used a Deborah coffee, Illumination, to win the Canadian Barista Championship in 2018.

Variety: Geisha
Price Forward paid per kilogram: 

Process: Nitrogen Macerated Natural, Washed Finish
Producer: Jamison Savage / Savage Coffees
Total kilos purchased: 20kg
Harvest date: 
Drying time:
Drying temperature:  
Altitude: 1900 masl
Region: Los Pozos, Volcan, Panama


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