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This lot comes from La Palma y El Tucan's (LPET) prestigious Neighbours and Crops program. What that means, is Victor Hernandez is a coffee producer who lives in Cundinamarca, Colombia, nearby LPET and is a valued member of this program. He grows coffees and has assistance from LPET in a multitude of ways.

Rather than having to harvest his own coffee, or worry about buying compost. Victor has the team from LPET visit him weekly to ensure proper techniques are being used in terms of pruning, fertilization or harvesting. LPET actually sends their team of Elite Pickers to harvest the coffee when they believe the time is right. Then, they pay Victor for the volume of cherries harvested, at premiums above what the FNC in Colombia pays for coffee parchment. Not only is Victor seeing a premium for his coffee, but he's also having the vast majority of the work taken off of his plate, allowing him to focus on other streams of agriculture.

The coffee is then taken to LPET's state-of-the-art wet mill where it's processed with intention. Here they do an anaerobic fermentation in cherry, then depulp the coffee and ferment the parchment a secondary time in traditional Colombian tiled tanks.

This is one of the most sustainable and impressive models we've seen to date in the coffee industry.