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Arrived February 15, 2022 to Calgary Warehouse in Calgary, AB

Forward has purchased 255 x 70kg bags of Tres Rayas Cooperative Washed Regional Blend 

Thirty five (37) bags have been booked by Alternate Route Coffee in Leduc, Alberta.

Sixty (60) bags have been booked by Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary, Alberta

Forty (40) bags have been booked by Hatch Crafted in Markham, Ontario

Thirteen (13) bags have been booked by Arvida Roasting Co in Sanguevay, Quebec.

One hundred (100) bags have been booked by ZAB in Montreal, Quebec

Tres Rayas is a cooperative in the Gaitania sub-region of the department of Tolima. There are 135 members contributing to the cooperative and working in tandem for the collective success of the organization. The organization is providing expertise and hands on assistance in the different areas where the contributing members reside and grow coffee.

Working with producers to maximize their yields and quality, resulting in annual improvements of cup quality and productions, leading to better value and stronger prices.

Tres Rayas, meaning 'Three Stripes', was created by a group that wanted to innovate, collaborate and share ideas with their overall region, to lift the quality of coffee across the board. Tolima is a department that's been consistently affected by conflict within Colombia, and there's a shared belief that a focus on coffee has the ability to change the narrative in this area. Highlighting the beautiful landscapes, the climates and the people residing in this area, through coffee, will lead to an interest in agro-tourism.

The cooperative has a partnership with the association of indigenous producers of San Pedro Resguardo Paez de Gaitania (ASCI'SP) who work respectfully with the environment, in the production of high-quality differentiated coffee, meticulously taking care of each of the steps that a coffee bean must go through from seed to cup.

Thanks to these fertile lands, the great water resources and ideal microclimates, the members of Tres Rayas are able to produce consistent high quality coffees.


Price Forward paid per kilogram: $6.01 USD FOB
Process: Washed 
Total kilos purchased: 17,850kg (255 x 70kg GrainPro Bag) 
Harvest date: July 2021 

Drying time: 
Drying temperature:  
Altitude: 1550 - 2100 masl
Region: Gaitania, Tolima