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15kg purchased by Hatch Crafted in Toronto, Ontario, and 15kg purchased by Rogue Wave Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta.

Savage Coffee is a project started by Jamison Savage in Panama. Jamison has positioned himself as one of the most sophisticated coffee producers, globally, with his farm Finca Deborah winning prestigious coffee competitions around the world. He is now pre-booking his coffees well before the season starts.

This project allows Jamison to increase his scope and purchase from neighboring producers who don't have the same vision for processing that he does. Currently working with four estates in Volcan, Jamison is growing the Savage Coffee brand. These are top-quality, vibrant, and varietal-driven coffees.

This lot is a classic natural processed Geisha. It has been slow-dried for over 25 days on a custom-built, tiered raised bed system.