RUGALI [2021]



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Arrived April 4th, 2022 to Continental Terminals, NJ

Forward has purchased 65 x 60kg bags of Rugali CWS Fully Washed Red Bourbon 

Three (3) bags of this lot have been booked by Eclipse Coffee Roasters in Canmore, Alberta

Ten (10) bags have been booked by Five21 Coffee Roasters in Calgary, Alberta

Rugali is located in Nyamasheke District in the south west of Rwanda. Located on the shore of Lake Kivu and actually the entry point you grab the boat to head to sister-station Gisheke. The station has seen vast developments since being developed in April 2016. In it's first season, Rugali sold Natural processed coffees and was the first and only legally approved station in Rwanda to do so. Now, Naturals in Rwanda are both common and revered in their appeal.

In late 2018, early 2019, the team at Rugali built out an amazing new dry mill that's pushed their quality control to a new level. Previously, they were using a publicly accessed dry-mill for all the coffees produced by Muraho Trading Co. Now, all the coffee is being done at Rugali and a vast improvement has occurred in the sorting and the efficiency at the mill.

This washed offering is versatile and works nicely as a standout single origin, a blend component, espresso or filter. It's a joy to work with and sings sweetness in the cup. In the washing process, it's pulped, macerated through a process called Ikinimba, fermented over night (approx 12 hours) and cleaned + graded in a serpentine channel. From there, it's dried in raised beds for 20 - 28 days.

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Variety: Red Bourbon
Price Forward paid per kilogram: $6.60USD FOB
Process: Washed
Total kilos available: 65 x 60kg (3900kg) 
Harvest date: April - June 2021 
Fermentation: 12 hour traditional open air fermentation in ceramic tanks, following 'ikinimba' detailed above
Drying time: 22 - 28 days on raised bed with active rotations and covering / protection via netting
Drying temperature: 29°C Max. - 17°C Min.  
Altitude: 1550 - 1800masl
Humidity: 75 – 85%