ORO VIVO [2021]



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Arriving mid-September 2021

Forward has 1 x 50kg bag of La Molécula Dry Hydrated Fermentation Mixed Varieties

One (1) bags of this lot have been booked by Proud Hound Coffee in Cincinnati, Ohio

La Molécula, by Oro Vivo, was created in 2005 with the goal in mind of rekindling the Mexican Coffee scene during its toughest times. 

Roberto Zapata, founder of the company, always saw the potential and decided to bring local producers together in this project, helping them achieve better results as well as getting better pay for their specialty production.

Roberto Zapata studied agronomy as a result of his passion for the countryside and cultivation. He also is a designer of 100% MEX roasting equipment, representative of CUBIKA LAB, creator of LA MOLÉCULA micro mill and developer of extended fermentation processes for the past five years.

Forward has the privilege of working with Julio and Daniela of La Nacional Coffee to bring in top lots from Mexico. With strong relationships on the ground in Mexico, La Nacional and Forward have created a strategic alliance to support and develop the demand of specialty coffee from Mexico. 

This collection of Typica and Bourbon comes from Alberto Virues Fiumara of Texolo Farm and is co-fermented seeing 200 hours of whole cherry controlled, dry fermentation in an aerobic environment, followed by 14 days of shaded drying with mucilage intact, in raised beds. Finally, this lot is sorted both manually and mechanically for screen sizing and density.


Variety: Typica, Red Bourbon
Price Forward paid per kilogram: $12.00 USD FOB
Process: Hydrated honey
Total kilos available: 50kg (1 x 50kg ecotac bags)
Harvest date: February 2021
Fermentation: 200 hours whole cherry dry fermentation in aerobic environment, followed by depulping and drying with mucilage in tact
Drying time: 14 days total direct drying in shaded raised beds
Drying temperature: 25 °C Max. - 15 °C Min.  
Altitude: 1200masl
Region: Xico, Veracruz, Mexico
Humidity: 70 – 80%