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Arrived March 31, 2022.

Forward has purchased 43 x 60kg bags of Nyagishiru Washed Red Bourbon lot 240.

Three (3) bags have been booked by Eclipse Coffee Roasters in Canmore, Alberta

Five (5) bags of this lot have been booked by Rogue Wave Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2019, Forward was one of the first international buyers of Nyagishiru CWS coffee, as this was the first time they had focused on specialty coffee and marketed outside of Burundi. Nyagishiru CWS is located near the Ruvubu River, Buhinyuza Commune (Muyinga Province) in the North East of Burundi. 

This CWS has 200 raised beds and uses a Mackinnon pulper. It has four fermentation tanks and two soaking/pre-floating tanks. The CWS is located on the hill on Nyagishiru and collects cherry from 12 neighboring hills. Matraco (Matsitsi Trading Co, the owner of the CWS) farms 7000 of its own trees on Nyagishiru Hill.

Matraco has contributed with seedlings for their Farmers in order to replace old aged coffee trees. They have also provided funds for a school and health centre construction in the Muyinga Province. Nyagishiru producers have received a premium 20% above the local market rate this season. Nyagishiru pays its staff almost 60% above the rate for casual labor in Burundi.

In 2019, Forward was one of the first non-local people to ever visit this washing station. It is truly beautiful, situated in a valley surrounded by the Nyagishiru Hills, which it's named after. The coffee is sweet and clean. With proper management happening, we believe this could be one of the best washing stations in Burundi in the coming years. Interestingly, it's also located in a lesser known coffee region, Muyinga District, outside of Kayanza, the province the majority of Burundi's coffee is produced. We have beautiful photographs of Nyagishiru.

Washed coffees are fermented for 12 hours, in a traditional styling, where they're pulped at night, left in ceramic open-air tanks overnight, and cleaned and washed in the morning. They also go through a serpentine channel to sort and separate by density. They are then left for 20 days to dry on raised beds with consistent movement and rotations.

Price Forward paid per kilogram: $6.45 USD FOB 
Process: Washed Red Bourbon

Producer: Zuberi Matsitsi of Matraco (Matsitsi Trading Co)
Total kilos purchased: 2580kg (43 x 60kg Box) 
Harvest date: May - July 2021
Fermentation: Traditional fully washed, 12-hour mucilage fermentation in open-air ceramic tanks
Drying time: 20 days on raised beds
Drying temperature: 28°C Max. - 14°C Min.  
Altitude: 1600 - 1750 masl
Region: Nyagishiru, Muyinga, Burundi