FELIPE HENAO 35kg @ $33/kg

FELIPE HENAO 35kg @ $33/kg


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Arrival September 2020.

Felipe Henao is just 23 years old and has taken over management of his family farm.  This lot is a collection of Bourbon Chiroso that were placed in whole cherry to ferment under water for 3 days. Afterward Felipe washes the lots and dries them on raised beds. The variety Bourbon Chiroso has become really popular in Urrao Antioquia where Felipe is based. It is a natural mutation that became locally famous in 2014 when Carmen Montoya won the Cup of Excellence with this variety. 


Variety: Bourbon Chiroso
Price per kilogram: 17.68 USD FOB
Process: Washed
Total kilos available: 70 kg
Harvest date: March 2020
Fermentation: The cherry is placed in water for a long pre-fermentation with of approximately 72 hours.
Drying time: 12 days total direct drying in African beds