CERRO AZUL 1kg @ $125/kg

CERRO AZUL 1kg @ $125/kg


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Arriving early-October

Cerro Azul is a famous Colombian farm which solely grows Geisha. The climactic conditions were deemed ideal for this coffee variety and now there is an array of bronze-tip and green-tip Geisha planted throughout Cerro Azul.

Owned by siblings, Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera, who come from a long standing coffee producing family and are the masterminds behind the world renowned Granja La Esperanza group of farms. Cerro Azul is a sizeable 20 hectares of land. The Geisha cherry that is produced and harvested here at Cerro Azul is then taken to another of the Herrera's farms, La Esperanza for processing. 

This Hybrid Washed process is an interesting concept seeing a double fermentation, thus the name Hybrid. First the coffee is fermented in whole cherries for approximately 24 hours, following this, the skin is removed and a second fermentation occurs with mucilage still coating the parchment for 35 hours. The cup profile is very floral, sweet, citrus and stonefruit. It's a complex and elegant Geisha.

Variety: Geisha
Price per kilogram: $61.88 USD FOB
Process: Hybrid Washed
Total kilos available: 24 kg 
Harvest date: April 2020 
Fermentation: 24 hour open-air fermentation in cherry, followed by a 35 hour secondary open-air fermentation with mucilage intact 
Drying time: 8 days dried in a controlled temperature silo  
Drying temperature: 40 °C Max. - 35 °C Min.  
Altitude: 1700 - 2000masl
Rainfall:  1.526 mm/year
Humidity: 85 – 90%
Stabilization: 90 days