Arrival expected November 13th.

Forward has purchased 12 x 30kg bags of Capim Seco Natural Anaerobic Acaia

One (1) bag has been booked by Alternate Route Coffee in Leduc, Alberta.


...Full information on Rafael Dias Pereira and Fazenda Capim Seco coming soon...

Price Forward paid per kilogram: $9.90USD FOB
Process: Natural Anaerobic 
Total kilos purchased: 360 (12 x 30kg Bag) 
Harvest date: July 2021 
Fermentation: Whole cherry anaerobic fermentation in sealed plastic tanks for 120 hours.

Drying time: 8 days on raised beds
Drying temperature: 22°C Max. - 8°C Min.  
Altitude: 1150 masl
Region: Carmo de Minas, Brazil