ANA DONEY 35kg @ $20/kg

ANA DONEY 35kg @ $20/kg


$630.00 Regular price $700.00

Arriving early-July 2021

Forward purchased 5 x 35kg of Ana Doney's Natural WWF Castillo

The entire lot of Five (5) bags has been booked by Rogue Wave Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta

Ana Doney is a first generation coffee producer with over 10 years experience growing coffee on her farm, La Primavera in  Quindío, Colombia. She and her husband grow Castillo, Caturra and Pink Bourbon and have begun processing naturals thanks to guidance of Cofinet. This is the first time Forward has featured offerings from Ana Doney, purchased through offer samples from our friends and partners at Cofinet.

After harvesting only the ripest, deep red/purple Castillo cherries, Ana utilizes a fascinating method thanks to Cofinets guidance, called White Wine Fermentation. This lot begins with a 30 hour aerobic fermentation in ceramic tanks, and then is taken to raised beds to dry until 20% moisture is achieved. At this marker, Jairo then places the coffee cherries into sealed GrainPro bags for 80 hours to ferment an additional time, then left to dry again on raised beds until 10.5% moisture. This method is sees inspiration from the styling of Malolactic Fermentation utilized in the wine industry.

Variety: Castillo
Price per kilogram: 11.00 USD FOB
Process: Natural Anaerobic 'WWF' (White Wine Fermentation)
Total kilos purchased: 175kg (5 x 35kg bags) 
Harvest date: January 2021 
Fermentation: Two stages of fermentation, first aerobic 30 hour in ceramic tanks, second anaerobic 80 hours in sealed GrainPro bags. For full details, reference paragraph above.

Drying time: 18 days total in raised beds 
Drying temperature: 27°C Max. - 17°C Min.  
Altitude: 1550 - 1600masl
Region: Armenia, Quindio