Our goal is to bring consistent and top-tier green coffee directly into the Canadian marketplace. We feature coffees from around the globe and have many options to help assist you in establishing your roasting business. With immediate options through our spot menu, the option to book coffees in advance, and even the option to join us on a sourcing trip to make your own selections and start building your own personal relationships.

We’re currently working with producers in Central and South America, Africa and a small footprint in Southeast Asia. Our positions range from mid-sized lots that would make great single origin or blend components, down to nano-lots featuring unique, exclusive and exotic cup profiles and catered toward barista competitions. If there’s something specific you’re after, we’d be happy to have the conversation and try to accommodate your needs.

Our proposal to you

We don’t want to simply act as a bridge between producers and roasters. We want to facilitate a community of coffee lovers and push the entire industry forward. We’re keen to get our hands dirty and assist wherever is needed to highlight and showcase coffees with the love and respect they deserve. We’ll do this through shared knowledge and transparent working practices. We’re happy to directly support in quality control and roasting theory. Even assisting in business practices and coaching to ensure you’re setting yourself up for a sustainable future in coffee. We’re here for the long run and we’d love to progress and grow with someone just like you.

How we do it

Our goal is to work with the best. That goes for both sides, producers and roasters. We’re not willing to cut corners and we’re not willing to sacrifice quality. Our commitment is rooted in building sustainable relationships and creating value for all members of the value chain.

On the production side, we’re working on the ground and establishing symbiotic relationships with quality focused coffee producers - some which span over five years already. Working hand-in-hand to improve yields, quality and networks for distribution. This will range in relationship from single-estate producers, small-holder farmers, cooperatives, exporters and wet-mill operators.

On the roasting side, we’re looking to establish strong relationships with people who have the vision of specialty coffee. Roasters that are focusing to highlight terroir, varietal and processing, bringing forward the complex, the natural and the nuanced flavours behind each individual offering.