Warehousing + Shipping

At the moment we have inventory in a few different warehouses across North America. 

Calgary Main Warehouse, Calgary, Canada
Calgary External Warehouse, Okotoks, Canada
Dupuy Houston, Texas, USA

For a dynamic inventory list, with current warehouse placement, please click here.

Upon checkout, you'll see an option that reads 'Request Pallet Shipping Quote'. In this instance, we'll manually put together a quote that's specific to your order.

Our 1kg program exclusively ships out of our Calgary Warehouse and is available to ship via courier services, such as UPS, DHL, etc. 

For volume coffees, we can ship boxes of 15 to 25kg in courier, no problem. Once we get above that size, it becomes a risk to ship and we prefer to go via pallet. So please, either contact us to find out pricing and we promise we'll always work with you to get the best quotes possible. We're looking to get the best value to you, not to freight companies.

If you have any questions or need more information regarding the above, please feel free to let us know. Otherwise, you can expect this page to be revamped with further details soon. That can be said about everything we're doing - plan for revamps often because we're constantly going to be moving forward.

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