Warehousing + Shipping


We'll be honest with you, this page is still under construction. 

As we begin to work with different roasters across Canada, we'll begin to standardize our shipping and palletizing costs to provide consistent rates. At the moment, we quote shipping on a case by case basis, until we master the art of it. For you, this should work out to the cheapest possible shipping rates in the early days of Forward.

In the case of purchases for larger lots, where the purchaser does not want to keep all the inventory on hand, we're happy to provide warehousing at 2.00 cents per kilogram per month. 

If you have any questions or need more information regarding the above, please feel free to let us know. Otherwise, you can expect this page to be revamped as soon as possible. That can be said about everything we're doing - plan for revamps often because we're constantly going to be moving forward.