Forward Five

On April 14th, we sent out the first Five Pack of 2021. 

It's a really fun pack of coffees with some interesting comparisons to note.

There's a processing experiment that utilizes the same day harvest, with one variable modification between two lots. There's a low-caf coffee variety. There's also two similar processing techniques, done on two very different, forward thinking coffee farms and utilizing the same cultivar.

#1 Samuel Ronzon lot 10a ($2.95/100g)

#2 Samuel Ronzon lot 10b ($2.95/100g)

These are two of four parts to lot 10. There was also 10c and 10d, these coffees were sold to Rabbit Hole Coffee and Leaderboard Coffee. The utilized a 20% and 40% microbial substrate in the fermentation.

10a and 10b are both harvest on the same day and fermented for 168 hours in sealed food grade plastic tanks. From here, they're taken to dry on raised beds and 10a is dried slowly for 25 days - 10b on the other hand has its drying interrupted for 8 days in a sealed GrainPro bag, allowing a softer secondary fermentation as well as re-stabilization of the moisture content, it's then dried another 8 days, for 22 total.

#3 Cafe Granja la Esperanza Natural Laurina ($8.77/100g)

This is naturally low-caffeine content coffee, which I find incredibly fascinating. Caffeine is a bitter compound and is arguably contrary to the desires of specialty coffee goals of acidity and sweetness. By removing or lowering caffeine in the equation, we're not just changing the intention behind the coffee, we're including less bitterness in the flavour profile, giving the acidity and sweetness more room to shine.

Also known as 'Bourbon Pointu' in producer circles, Laurina is a tear-drop shaped seed that exists within the Bourbon family and has been known as 'Pointed Bourbon'.

This particular Laurina is produced at Finca La Esperanza and is only processed as a natural. It does not see an intentional fermentation stage, it first goes to a mechanical dryer for two days to stabilize, then 15 days on raised beds.

This coffee is sweet, sticky and stonefruit.

#4 La Palma y El Tucan lot 451, Natural Gesha ($13.51/100g)

#5 Finca Deborah 'Symbiosis', Natural Geisha ($23.56/100g)

These two are similar, yet totally different. They're both produced with great intention, as are all the coffees at Forward. These are both Gesha or Geisha, whatever you'd like to call it - we spell it the way the producer spells it.

Each of these coffees is fermented in a sealed tank for right around 100 hours. They're then taken through their respective drying process, both utilizing raised and covered beds, with different innovations each producer has designed to fit their unique circumstance and micro-climate.

These coffees are both bright, refreshing, complex and layered.