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Arrived October 19, 2020.

Forward has purchased 350kg of Javier Rubio's Natural Extended Fermentation San Bernardo.

Two (2) bags of this San Bernardo have been purchased by Harrison's Coffee in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Four (4) bags of this San Bernardo have been purchased by ZAB Cafe in Montreal, Quebec.

Javier Rubio is a producer who was born in the municipality of Gaitania, Tolima. His family has been coffee growers for as long as he can remember. Javier worked in the fields until he was 15 years old and about 10 years ago he bought his own farm, El Líbano. There he began growing Caturra. Over time, however, he decided to plant other varieties, such as Yellow Bourbon and San Bernardo. He is currently very happy with the production of the San Bernardo and its cup profile because, unlike the Typica, it takes up half the space and produces the same amount of cherries as a Typica tree. 

San Bernardo is a mutation of Typica, which has occurred in Guatemala. The trees are much shorter in stature and referenced as a dwarf variety of Typica. It takes much longer for them to grow and produce. As a relative to Typica, the flavor profile is very floral and complex, but sadly the plant itself is quite sensitive to leaf rust. 

This coffee was purchased through Cofinet, a Colombian-based producer and exporter, who works in many capacities in the coffee industry. They are constantly experimenting on their own farms (Jardines del Eden, Santa Monica) and sharing their discoveries with other producers in Colombia. They've been working with producers in the Gaitania municipality of Tolima, to train them in processing naturals. This is how they discovered Javier Rubio.

Variety: San Bernardo
Price per kilogram: $16.02 USD FOB
Process: Natural
Total kilos available: 350 kg (10 x 35kg Bags)
Harvest date: June 2020
Fermentation: 72-hour whole cherry fermentation underwater
Drying time: 25 days total direct drying in raised beds

Altitude: 1800masl
Region: Gaitania, Tolima