9 AMIGOS [2020]

9 AMIGOS [2020]



Arrived September 15, 2020

Forward has 14 x 46kg bags of 9 Amigos, from Ixhuatlan, Veracruz

Two (2) bags have been booked by Ethica Coffee Roasters in Toronto, Ontario.

Two (2) bags have been booked by Arvida Coffee Roasters in Jonquière, Quebec

Ten (10) bags have been booked by Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary, Alberta

GRUPO DE PRODUCTORES DE CAFÉ DE IXHUATLÁN is formed by 9 producers along with their families. They call their coffee '9 Amigos'. Their work in Specialty Coffee began 7 years ago in Ixhuatlán, Veracruz.

This coffee is cultivated in a coffee forest, utilizing a traditional diverse canopy system

Forward has the privilege of working with Julio and Daniela of La Nacional Coffee to bring in top lots like 9 Amigos from Mexico, as well as supporting the logistics of other offerings Forward has purchased. This clean, sweet washed coffee from Veracruz, is on consignment, and for assisting in sales and marketing, Forward receives 10% of the sale price, with the remaining 90% going to La Nacional.


Variety: Majority Red Bourbon + Mixture of Typica and Garnica
Price per kilogram: 12 USD FOB
Process: Washed, Traditional
Total kilos available: 1196 kg
Harvest date: January 2020
Fermentation: Mucilage fermentation of 36 hours in ceramic tiled tanks.
Drying time: 15 days total direct drying in African beds
Drying temperature: 25 °C Max. - 15 °C Min.  
Altitude: 1430 - 1760masl
Region: Ixhuatlan, Veracruz
Rainfall:  1966 mm/year
Humidity: 40 – 50%