The full name is Santa Teresa 2000, because its located at 2000 meters where the air is cold, the wind is medium intensity and the coffee plants are incredibly gorgeous.

The operation is run by a father, son combo, Roger and Alex Ureña, two gentlemen who seem to be very humble as well as very well versed in coffee processing. They have 13 small farms throughout the Dota Valley that collectively add up to about 30 hectares. The recurring theme of these farms is the high altitude, 1600m and above, and exotic varieties planted throughout them, including Geisha, Pacamara, Villalobos, Ethiopia, Typica Mejorado and more.

We had a great conversation about processing coffee and I planted a few ideas of processing trials they could experiment with. I’m always open to sharing insight and seeing if it spurs interest. There’s so much space to play and experiment with coffee processing, so I’m very excited to see how the Ureñas will push it and to see how the relationship unfolds through the years. For now, beautiful honey and natural coffees. In the future, this is going to be a competition coffee incubator!