LAYERS, Volume 3



  • 250g


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Layers is a new series of roasted coffees that are once in a lifetime, never-to-be-had-again, experiential blends composed of a curated range of coffees in our collection.

This program will run in parallel with the Forward Five, utilizing the selections from this program to create a unique, precision blend that is individually built in each bag - taking the concept of blending to a higher echelon, creating new expression by our team us as roasters and brewers, similar to the idea of a vintner or master distiller.

For us, it's a way to give existing stock of competition-level, conversation-worthy coffees another chance to be enjoyed, and for drinkers to experience these coffees at an accessible price point.

Volume 03 is available for sale September 1st. The coffee will then be roasted, blended, packaged and shipped starting September 19th.

You can Bundle your Layers with Forward Five or simply a kilogram of exceptional Green and save on shipping.

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We will post the transparency of every component that goes into this mega blend. With roast details, percentage break downs and batch builds.

You'll never have a blend like this again.



Mexico La Joya Yellow Caturra Experimental Natural A F1 (10%)
$60 / kg
Mexico La Joya Yellow Caturra Experimental Natural A F2 (35%)
$60 / kg
Panama Janson Coffee Washed Geisha lot 115 (15%)
$130 / kg
Panama Abu Coffee Natural Geisha GN-1725 (25%)
$150 / kg
Ethiopia Gesha Village Surma lot 22/113 (15%)
$80 / kg



Panama Janson Washed Geisha lot 117 (25%)
$140 / kg
Ecuador Hacienda Santa Gertrudis Washed Gesha (20%)
$65 / kg
Ecuador La Soledad JJ Washed Typica Mejorado (20%)
$99 / kg
Ethiopia Gesha Village Natural Gesha 1931 lot 120 (35%)
$80 / kg


In this release, each bag came with a secondary bag on the inside which holds the Gesha Village Natural Gesha 1931 lot 120. We intentionally kept this coffee seperated from the three washed coffees to give you the opportunity to try this is a few different ways.

Our first suggestion, would be to try the washed blend on it's own, as well as the Gesha Village on it's own. Get to know the personality of these coffees as individuals.

The next suggestion is precision blending these two coffees, utilizing different grind settings to create a complex and vibrant coffee.

First method of precision blending will put the natural at the base of your brewer as a smaller percentage of recipe (let's say 25 to 35%) and ground at a slightly finer grind setting than the washed coffees. This should keep the complexity and delicacy of the washed coffees while adding sweetness, mouthfeel and complexity to the brew. This can be utilized on cone or flat bottom dripper.

The second method of precision blending will utilize a 60/40 ratio, with 60% of the natural at a courser grind setting, 40% of the washed at a finer grind setting on the bottom. This recipe will emphasize florals, drinks like a warmed honey and has wonderful stonefruit showcases. We'd like to suggest you try this in three different orientations, as mentioned above, first, washed on the bottom, natural on the top, then do the inverse, and on the third brew shake the grinds together before placing them in the filter.