LA JOYA [2022]




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Arrived November 15, 2022 to Calgary Warehouse in Calgary, AB

Forward purchased 45kg of La Joya Micro-mill lot Experimental Caturra AP GPTSM

Twenty (20) kilos of this lot have been booked by Mercado Sin Nombre in Austin, Texas

In their writing;

"Our farm is located in the High Mountains Region in the center of the state of Veracruz, Mexico, in the municipality of Ixhuacán de los Reyes. The average elevation is 1420 meters above sea level, which together with its location north of the continent on the 19th parallel, makes the climate temperate average of 17 ° C and an average annual rainfall of 1,650 millimeters.
The ecosystems that coexist in the region are the Pine-Oak Mountain Forests and mainly the Niebla (cloud forest) or Mesophilic Forest, one of the most biodiverse and threatened on the planet.

Our desire for quality has led us to establish up to 20 varieties of coffee. Which are distributed by well-established and georeferenced lots, to maintain punctual management in the needs of each variety. Following our agroecological principles, our farm is constantly redesigned with a diversified shade with fruit trees (avocado, lemon, orange, macadamia, peach, passion fruit, lychee), timber (oak, pine, sweetgum, cedar) and other native trees, to ensure better microclimatic conditions and ecosystem functioning, thus contributing to the environmental conservation of the region, safety and food sovereignty always with respect for the community in general."

There are two lines of coffees available through La Joya, Experimental and Gema.

Experimental is a first year attempt of a processing technique, whereas Gema is a structural processing technique that has been performed and deemed successful in previous seasons.


Samuel Ronzon is a third-generation coffee producer based in Veracruz, Mexico. He operates La Joya Micro-mill, in tandem with his wife Gloria, a PhD candidate in Ecology and Biotechnology Sciences. Their focus is on the production of intentionally fermented specialty coffees, using fermentation as a vehicle to drive flavour in the cup.

They grow 21 different varieties of coffee, which we should see come into form in the coming years.

Currently, Forward Specialty Green Coffee is purchasing all of the coffees produced by La Joya Micro-mill and acting as the Global sales and logistics partner. The coffees listed here showcase the full collection of La Joya Micro-mill. In 2022, the production was just 200kg.

In this particular lot of Yellow Bourbon, the fermentation takes place over 120 hours Fermentation / Oxidation in GrainPro bags with controlled temperature. This is followed with 20 days total direct drying in African beds, interrupted drying for 15 days up to 20% humidity and 10 days to finish.


Variety: Yellow Caturra
Price Forward paid per kilogram:  $37.00 USD FOB
Process: Experimental Lot Caturra AP GPTSM
Total kilos available: 44.96 kg
Harvest date: March 8, 2022
Fermentation: 120 hours Fermentation / Oxidation in GP bags
Drying time: 20 days total direct drying in African beds, interrupted drying for 15 days up to 20% humidity and 10 days to finish 
Humidity: 10.3%
Density: 722 gm/L
Water Activity: 0.60
Stabilization: 100 days