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Arrived December 1st

Forward has purchased 3 x 60kg bag of Khun Chang Kian Extended Fermentation Fully Washed Field Blend (Bourbon, Typica, Chiang Mai)

Below is quoted from the exporter and producer Forward has worked with in Thailand, Beanspire.

This coffee is produced by Chatree Saeyang of Khun Chang Kian, Chiang Mai. It is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in Thailand and is located 45 mins from Chiang Mai city center, which is Thailand's second biggest city and also second largest coffee growing province. Chatree has won multiple awards in local green bean competition, including the first place in 2019. 

Because this is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in Thailand, there are a lot of heirloom varieties. We have sent the leaves to World Coffee Research in order to map the genetics of the coffee trees in this area and the results came back quite surprising. While most Thai farms are of mixed varieties, this area has a lot of Bourbon and Typica. We have even found a sample that is an Ethiopian landrace.

This coffee is processed using extended fermentation fully washed method, meaning that the coffee cherries are rested in low temperature for a few days before being pulped and going through the washed process, which involves fermentation under water for a few days. Then the parchment is dried on bamboo raised beds for 14 days until the appropriate moisture. The parchment is then cured for further 2 months inside Chatree's home before being mill at Beanspire's mill 2.5 hours away.

Price Forward paid per kilogram: $8.75 USD EXW
Process: Extended Fermentation Fully Washed 

Producers: Chatree Saeyang
Total kilos purchased: 180kg (3 x 60kg Bags) 
Harvest date: February 2021
Fermentation: Refer to description above
Drying time: Refer to description above
Altitude: 1300 masl
Region: Chiang Mai, Thailand