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Arrived October 19, 2020.

Forward purchased 10 x 35kg of Felipe Arcila Natural 'WWF' Castillo.

Eight (8) bags of 35kg has been booked by House of Funk Brewing in Vancouver, British Columbia

Two (2) bags of 35kg has been booked by  Rogue Wave Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta

Felipe Arcila and his brother Carlos began growing coffee here at Jardines del Eden just two years ago when they decided to buy the farm. They now have more than 10 different varieties of coffee under production - this lot being 100% Castillo. This farm is dedicated to experimentation in processing and cultivating coffee. Here they are growing Pink Bourbon, Tabi, Gesha, SL28, Sidra, Wush Wush, Caturrón, Papayo and more.

This season Forward is proud to offer, Jardines del Eden Castillo, Pink Bourbon and Tabi.

This White Wine Fermentation included two stages of anaerobic whole cherry fermentation, with a drying phase between the two fermentations, leading to a very winey and dynamic acidity in the cup profile.

Variety: Castillo
Price per kilogram: 10.83 USD FOB
Process: Natural 'WWF' or White Wine Fermentation
Total kilos available: 350kg (10 x 35kg bags) 
Harvest date: May 2020 
Fermentation: 30 hours whole cherry anaerobic fermentation in a low controlled temperature, then taken to raised beds to dry until 20%, where the coffee is then gathered into a tied GrainPro bag for 80 hours

Drying time: 10 days in raised beds. 
Drying temperature: 25 °C Max. - 15 °C Min.  
Altitude: 1800masl
Region: Pijao, Quindio