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Arrived July 19th 2022 to Calgary Warehouse in Calgary, AB

Forward has purchased 10 x 12kg boxes of Inmaculada Farms, Natural CM Sudan Rume lot T555

One (1) box of 12kg was purchased by Factory Coffee in Bangkok, Thailand.

Two (2) boxes have been booked by Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary, Alberta

Inmaculada Coffees Farms is a family of five farms headquartered in the village of Pichinde, in the department of Valle del Cauca. It's approximately a 40 minute drive from Cali, the capital city of Valle del Cauca and the third largest city in Colombia. Surrounded by the Farallones National Park and within the Andes mountain range, showcasing elevations between 1700 and 2000 masl.

Owned and operated by the Holguin family, which has been involved within the agroindustry sector of Colombia for over ninety years. In 2010 they decided to get involved in the production of coffee and made an ambitious and rewarding choice to only plant exotic varieties; Geisha, Sudan Rume, Laurina and their most famous Eugenoides.

In 2015 their Sudan Rume was utilized to with the World Barista Championship, and in 2021 their Eugenoides, a rare-coffee species, low-in-caffeine, that's said to be a parent of Arabica.

At Inmaculada, the farms will soon be both organic and bio-dynamic certified, meaning they follow the criteria and procedures stated by both these practices, and participate in an audit from the control boards. There are no chemical inputs used in the production of these coffees, and strategic choices for planting, pruning, harvesting, etc, happen around the cycle of the moon, contributing more energy into our world when full.

In 2022 they launched a new line of coffee product called Fellows Farms. The idea with this project is to support nearby farms and farmers, who cultivate coffee as a fruit and sell that fruit to local cooperatives or the FNC. Inmaculada is purchasing this cherry for a higher price point and then utilizing their sophisticated infrastructure which they've built around coffee processing and drying. In the symbiotic relationship, Fellows receive a higher premium for their product and Inmaculada is able to produce volume, maximizing efficiencies, procedure and outreach.

This Sudan Rume is processed as a whole cherry carbonic maceration for 6 days - a similar approach to the lot which won the 2015 WBC. The coffee is then taken to dry for 22 days in the drying room, utilizing tiered beds and a state-of-the-art carousel dryer.

There's an intensity to the flavour experience with a floral and spicy quality. Sweet fruit tones such as pineapple, mandarin orange and lemon custard are the predominant qualities. There are secondary notes of vanilla, icing sugar, liptons iced tea and a blue floral such as lavender. The flavour is complex, the body is smooth and creamy.

Variety: Sudan Rume
Price Forward paid per kilogram: $33.00 USD FOB
Process: Natural CM
Total kilos available: 120 kg (10 x 12kg vacuum sealed bricks)
Harvest date: 02/04/2022
Fermentation: 6 day whole cherry carbonic maceration in stainless steel tanks. 
Drying time: 22 days dried in a specifically designed carousel drying system  
Drying temperature: 34 °C Max. - 18 °C Min.