EL CARMEN [2022]




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Arrived August 15, 2022 to Calgary Warehouse, Calgary.

Forward has purchased 40 x 69kg bages of Finca El Carmen Washed Field Blend, Red Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai.

Twenty-five (25) bags have been booked by Rosso Coffee Roasters in Calgary, Alberta

Finca El Carmen has been producing coffee since the 1950’s in the region of Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz Naranjo in Guatemala. This farm is located in the mountains that surround the beautiful Laguna del Pilo. The farm was acquired by Mr. Rigoberto Morales Santos in 1970, father of todays owner, Ivan Ricardo Morales.

Today Rigo, Ivan’s youngest son and agronomist graduated from Zamorano, has taken the lead with the farm and has taken big quality oriented steps with the farm. El Carmen has its own wet mill and drying patios, and it's looking to improve its processes year after year.

In the cup profile, you can expect very sweet qualities with chocolates and nutty tones highlighted. There marzipan note is fantastic, with nougat and caramel. You'll find an apricot-like quality, as well as plum, with a silky body and overall satisfying flavour profile.

Price Forward paid per kilogram: $7.74 USD FOB 
Process: Washed Red Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai
Producer: Ivan Morales
Total kilos purchased: 2760kg (40 x 69kg Bag) 
Harvest date: February 2022
Fermentation: Traditional fully washed, 20-hour mucilage fermentation in open-air ceramic tanks 
Drying time: approximately 17 days on raised beds
Drying temperature: 25°C Max. - 20°C Min.  
Altitude: 1300 - 1500 masl
Region: Santa Cruz Naranjo, Santa Rosa