DEL AGUA [2021]




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Arrived August 10th, 2021 to Calgary Warehouse in Calgary, AB

Forward has purchased 10 x 35kg bags of Del Agua lot #20

Three (3) bags have been booked by The Library Specialty Coffee in Toronto, Ontario

Del Agua is a new coffee producing facility in the far North of Colombia with the goal of minimizing the amount of water utilized in the production of coffee. 

It's brought to us by the World-renowned group from La Palma y El Tucan. The model is similar to that of LPET, with a coffee farm a few years from production, a state-of-the-art wet mill and a Neighbours and Crops program.

Carlos Mario Castro is 28 years old, and already has 12 years of experience with coffee. He grows 20,000 beautiful Castillo trees on five hectares of his seven-hectare farm.

Carlos and his wife, Yolima Gonzalez enjoy raising their two sons together. They put a lot of care into their farm, as it is their source of economic security. Carlos and Yolima both work in all aspects of the farm in order to give it the attention it deserves.

There is a wide variety of flora and fauna around their farm, sometimes even howler monkeys! Hearing their striking howl in the mornings makes it easy to keep their environment in mind. They don’t use pesticides and have plenty of shade-giving trees to protect their crops and the animals that they share the land with.

This offering is part of the Neighbours and Crops program at Del Agua. It's the 20th lot that's been produced in the 2021 season. 

Del Agua is situated in la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in the department Magdalena. La Sierra Nevada is the second highest mountain in the World that borders the ocean and when we visit, we can go directly from the farm down to the cupping lab on the beach. Can't wait.


Variety: Castillo
Price per kilogram: $12.38 USD FOB
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Total kilos available: 350 kg (10 x 35kg bags)
Harvest date: May 2021 
Fermentation: 17 hours whole cherry fermentation in dark plastic tanks

Drying time: 16 days in raised beds
Drying temperature: 34 °C Max. - 18 °C Min.  
Altitude: 1610 masl

Region: San Javier, Cienaga, Magdalena, Colombia
Rainfall:  1650 mm/year
Humidity: 60 %