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Arrived July 24th, 2020.

This is a brand new coffee project called Creativa Coffee District. Forward is thrilled to be amongst a select few, globally, offering these coffees. You could be one of the first in the WORLD to have this coffee on the menu. 

N21 is a 50kg lot.

Part of this lot has been booked by Rogue Wave Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta

Part of this lot has been booked by Red Meow Coffee Roastery in Hong Kong

This project is far more than just coffee. I believe the project's mission is important in changing the perspective of coffee and what it stands for. It was started by the same team from the renowned farm, La Palma y El Tucan, and it has an amazing vision. CCD has taken over a very old processing facility in Panama, which has been decommissioned for many years now. They're not only turning this into a coffee mecca but also creating a platform for artists. This project will host an artist residency and will fuse the worlds of specialty coffee with eco-tourism and art. 

This particular lot is part of the Neighbours and Crops program. The way this works is CCD buys cherry at premiums from nearby producers. Gonzalo Palenzuela, the producer for N21, as well as M1 (Natural Catuai on our menu), grows the coffee. Creativa Coffea District is responsible for the processing, dry milling, branding, and logistics. This allows Gonzalo to focus his efforts on other areas of life, knowing his coffee will be purchased at a sustainable price.

N21 is a natural process they call Intrinsic Cherry, "In this fermentation, we take a more raw approach. After harvesting the cherries, we leave them in the bags they came in. This is so the natural bacteria and yeast the cherries have are kept at a maximum and we are able to create a fermentation that allows the unique characteristics of each farm to shine. It is an aerobic fermentation with the presence of light. It takes place under our climatic conditions. In the case of CCD, the average temperatures for this season are 30º C. After the fermentation, we dry the coffee on the patio or on African beds."

N21 is purely Pacamara. It has been fermented for 48 hours and dried on raised beds. Personally, I find the acidity leaning towards citrus fruits - such as orange, sweet lemon, and a floral quality like orange blossom. It has a bright and refreshing acidity. It is also backed with a combination of molasses type sweetness, stick apricot, and chewy raisins. And has a full and coating body, leaving long stick honey-like sweetness, with overall attributes favoring acidity and nicely complimented by the sweetness. This Pacamara is bright and funky, just as I like my Pacamara.

We highly advocate visiting their website, so you can see what they're doing on the ground:

Creativa Coffea District