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Arrived January 20th, 2022 in Calgary Warehouse.

Forward purchased 7 x 20kg boxes of Finca Agroloja Sidra Honey Brillante by Angel Reyes.

One (1) box has been booked by Red Meow Coffee Roasters in Hong Kong.

One (1) box has been booked by PAGA Coffee in Bangkok, Thailand.

One (1) box has been booked by Candid Coffee Roasters in Edmonton, Alberta.

One (1) box has been booked by No6 Coffee Co in Nelson, BC.

One (1) box has been booked by Dolce Vita - Yates Espresso Bar in Victoria, BC.

Finca Agroloja is located in the province of Loja, in the sub-region of Malacatos. The altitude ranges from 1500 to 1850 masl. Angel Reyes, the owner of Agroloja, produces Caturra, Typica Mejorado, Sidra and Geisha varieties on his 28 hectare farm, that's 50% planted with coffee.

The crop is strategically distributed into lots by variety and planting season. The focus is on ensuring maximum utilization of the soils and topography, while maintaining a rotation of the cycle in which the different varieties ripen. Within the coffee plants, you can find other plant families intercropped, such as orange, lemon, mango, avocado, banana, plantains and yuca, plus other localized species. Ecuador is known for immense biodiversity, and Angel has maintained this throughout Finca Agrolofa.

An agronomist by profession, Angel comes from a coffee producing family with long line of tradition in the practice, with his roots coming from the provice of El Oro, previously known as Zaruma. Once upon a time, his family was well known for producing high altitude coffee, exquisite aroma and flavour. The coffees of Agroloja are no different, showcasing wonderful flavours and expression in the cup.

This project began by finding land in the "Valley of the Eternal Spring" as the region of Malacatos is know. The land is fully worked by hand with much of the product being available in Malacatos and contributing to the economics of the local area. Employment comes from the local area and gives security to the people as it's a well paid opportunity.

With constant research and education going into process and agronomic practices, Angel believes he can continue to elevate the cup profile of his coffees and find pathways into further local markets, and international markets.

The flavour profile of this coffee is super unique and rich. It has peach and dried apricot qualities, with red apple, plum, mango and interesting complimentary notes of nutmeg and coconut. The finish is long, the profile is round and it's a conversational coffee. This lot won 19th place in the 2021 Taza Dorada.

Variety: Sidra
Price Forward paid per kilogram: $13.61 USD FOB
Process: Honey 'Brillante'
Total kilos available: 140kg (7 x 20kg boxes)
Harvest date: August 2021
Fermentation: Whole cherry fermentation in sealed tanks, for 72 hours, then pulped and dried on raised beds.
Drying time: 25 days in raised beds in the sun.
Humidity: 40 - 60% depending on time of year
Density: 730 grams per litre