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December 30th

5 unique coffee varieties that are not commonly found in the marketplace.

Sorted from smallest screen size to largest screen size. 

1. Finca Hawaii Natural Mokka, Colombia

2. Finca La Esperanza Natural Laurina, Colombia

3.  Finca La Esperanza Natural Anaerobic Mandela, Colombia 

4. La Palma y El Tucan Natural Tekesic, Colombia

5. La Palma y El Tucan Natural Java, Colombia 



November 20th

Geisha Gang is out and making its way to everyone who's supported the Forward Five this round. You've received 5 different Geishas, or Geshas, however you'd like to spell them. These coffee are from Mexico, Panama and Colombia. You have coffee from Santa Cruz, Creativa Coffea District, La Palma y El Tucan and Finca Deborah. Perhaps you can guess which is which this round?

1. Santa Cruz Anaerobic Honey Geisha, Mexico

2. Santa Cruz Washed Geisha, Mexico

3. Finca Deborah 'Vivid' Natural CM Geisha, then Washed, Panama

4. La Palma y El Tucan Natural Geisha, Colombia

5. Creativa Coffea District Natural Geisha, Panama


November 4th

So there's four Colombians and a Burmese coffee in the most recent Five pack.

Hrmm, there must be a good joke opportunity in that sentence...

Okay let's talk about the coffees. In here as I haven't come up with that joke yet.

1 - Jardines del Eden, Natural Anaerobic Pink Bourbon, Quindio, Colombia

2 - Behind the Leaf, Natural Anaerobic Red Catuai, Pinlaung, Myanmar

3 - Cerro Azul, Natural Anaerobic 'Napoleon' Geisha, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

4 - Potosi, Double Washed 'Las Mariposas' Caturra, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

5 - Potosi, Natural Anaerobic 'XO' Tabi, Valle del Cauca, Colombia 

Pricing is so fascinating in coffee. Everything needs context - it needs a story, or to be in the right hands, or something to garner the cost. If I had a briefcase filled with coffee like these Five, and I was mugged, I don't believe the robber would be able to sell the coffee and garner their actions... If it was wine, or trading cards, or sneakers, that would be a different scenario. This is part of why I've wanted to explore the concept of these Five packs - make coffee like these more accessible and conversed about.

Now as I'm sure you read in the fine print of the Five, I will always put ~$50 COG input into the Five coffees. That generally means there needs to be an 'anchor' coffee that carries the bulk of that cost. In this case, #3 is the one that carries the weight of the cost in this Five pack, at $37.29 per package. This is actually the most expensive coffee I've ever purchased at $120usd/lb FOB - wowza. You can see if you click the links above, the FOB price I paid for each of these coffees. I'm working on better transparency throughout my business, with the thought that transparency is one of the key factors that will lift specialty coffee. This package was $49.94 for coffee costs - pretty bang on that $50 mark.

So the coffee world doesn't quite know its value and we're all trying to figure it out as we go. This Cerro Azul Napoleon Geisha I believe justified the price because of a few factors; one, it's the first farm in Colombia to have Geisha seeds, and those seeds came from a Best of Panama winning farm, and two, it scored well into the 90 point range with the SCA criteria. As a bonus three, I received a handful of messages saying something in the realm of "dude what the heck is number 3??"

I heard much less overall dialogue about this second Five pack than I did the first. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the coffees if you're open and available to share. Please feel free to contact me via email ( or through instagram at @fwdcoffee or @torodeo

I'm still figuring out the audio. I have a great recording device, next is figuring out how to upload it here.. I like the text, but would love to add the audio component.

Again, let me know your thoughts! Feedback is critical for my growth in the program.


Oct 20th

Alright we're back with a second round of the Forward Five. Completely different coffees - no overlaps. Five new offerings for you to try. If you're new to the Five, you can see a brief recap of the first Five pack which shipped out in September listed below. I'm working on making this an audio based platform, as mentioned.

In this pack, there's a vast array of coffees. Five different varieties of coffee - that's right, they're all different varieties.

One of them is the most expensive coffee I've ever purchased. The real question, is whether or not that value is perceived when it's listed as a mystery... Hrmm.

I'd love to know your thoughts on the coffees before I reveal what's what or who's who. Send me a message on Instagram (@fwdcoffee) or an email to

I'll post what the five coffees are on here on the 4th of November. Stay tuned.

If you're curious how to taste these, I'd recommend cupping them. You can see a video here by James Hoffmann, walking you through the process. Comparative tasting is the best way to learn about coffee in my opinion!


September 30th.

Hi there. Thanks for circling back.

I'm trying to figure out how to upload a recording that speaks to each of the coffees. I'm not overly tech savvy and I'm not connected to consistent wifi at the moment. 

Currently I'm writing from Penticton, British Columbia. I've driven 1400kms since writing the message below and shipping out your Five Pack. I've been brewing the Five as I drive in my camper van and sharing them with nice roasters along the way. 

For me, it's been fascinating to hear dialogue surrounding the Five and experiences surrounding the individual exploration. These coffees are a very diverse Five. They're close together yet very far apart. All Five coffees are from Central America and they span two countries, Panama and Mexico. These coffees were selected as the Original Five showcasing producers that demonstrate a standard of excellence within the industry, motivating and inspiring us at Forward.

1 - Finca Deborah Natural Yeast Process Geisha, 'Limitless'

2 - Savage Coffee Washed Carbonic Maceration Geisha 'Iridescence'

3 - Creativa Coffea District Natural 'Static Cherry' Pacamara

4 - Samuel Ronzon Natural Experimental Red Bourbon + Typica lot 19a

5 - Samuel Ronzon Natural Experimental Red Bourbon + Typica lot 19b


Stay tuned for a link to the recording of these coffees. 

// Sept 15.

Hi there.

If you're reading this, it means you're part of the first Forward Five and you've now received your package.

I bet you're wondering what's in your Five pack and that's why you're here.

I'm sorry to say, I'm not quite ready to tell you yet. I'd love to hear if you've formulated guesses - all five of these coffees are listed here on the webshop.

There's some packs that haven't landed yet and I think it's best if everyone gets the same experience. So check back on Sept 30 for the full list of coffees. Otherwise, check out @fwdcoffee on Instagram where I'll be sharing brews and views.

Yes, views and brews. For the next month, I'll be driving from my home in Calgary to Vancouver Island and visiting as many little roasters as I can on the journey. I'll have a van packed with my partner, our dog an Ikawa, a sweet brewing set up and a bin of coffees that'll make your mouth water. I'll have the Five coffees from this pack with me and I'll do my best to share them on social :)

Cheers and happy brewing folks. 

Thanks for supporting the Forward Five.