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Arrived November 28rd, 2022 to Continental Terminals, New Jersey.

Forward has purchased 45 x 60kg bags of Bumbogo CWS Natural Red Bourbon.

Two (2) bags have been booked by House of Funk in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

One (1) bag has been booked by Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters in Victoria, British Columbia.

One (1) bag has been booked by Khaos Coffee in Vernon, British Columbia.

One (1) bag has been booked by Pop Coffee Works in Toronto, Ontario.

We've been privileged to work with Bumbogo CWS since 2017 and were the 2nd international buyer to purchase and visit Bumbogo. In the three years we've visited, we've been greeted with a traditional song and dance. It's a surreal feeling, being welcomed into this place of business in such a warm and welcoming fashion.

Emmanuel Rusatira, one of the partners and founders of Bumbogo, was able to demonstrate how the mills purpose was to stimulate this local economy and was successful in doing so after the first operating season in 2017. This mill is situated for large volumes and just like other mills MTCo is operating, they're paying a premium per pound of cherry to the farmers they're working with.

After a challenging 2020 season, 523 farmers were on record, selling their coffee to Bumbogo and collectively about 300 tonnes of cherry was purchased for processing. To handle this volume, 105 workers were hired in peak season. This showcases the significant economic impact Bumbogo has in it's region.

The majority of the workers at Bumbogo are women, and this mill, as well as others that Muraho Trading Co operates are trying to empower the female workforce in Rwanda!

There is a wide variety of processing techniques now being practiced at Bumbogo. For the majority of their volume, they utilize a Pinhal Maquina coffee depulper to seperate the cherry from the seeds, they're both then macerated using a stomp-down-song-and-dance process called 'Ikinimba' and co-fermented in a ceramic, open-air tank for approximately 12 hours, beginning in the evening as the temperature cools considerably. In the morning, the coffee is washed with clean flowing water in a serpentine channel, once again separating the cherry from the seeds, while more importantly, sorting the seeds by density.

Bumbogo is the closest station to Kigali and one to look out for in the years to come. It has a very high ceiling for potential and a recognizable flavour profile.

For other amazing, available coffees from Muraho Trading Co, please visit this link.

The washed coffees at Muraho Trading Co go through a stage of maceration, leading to more juicy, aromatic, fruit-forward flavours in the cup. This maceration stage is called 'Ikinimba,' and works in a similar styling to the classic stomping of grapes in the production of wine. In Ikinimba, 6 - 8 members of the processing team will actively stomp and sing a routine of songs, providing energy and activating the coffee for fermentation. Following Ikinimba, the coffee goes through a serpentine channel to sort the seeds, and then is separated into different grades of density, and dried in small separate lots.

Variety: Red Bourbon
Price Forward paid per kilogram: $9.00 USD FOB
Process: Natural
Total kilos available: 2700 kg (45 x 60kg)
Harvest date: May - June 2022
Fermentation: Cherry is sorted and left to dry in raised beds with constant movement 

Drying time: ~30 days dried raised beds
Drying temperature: 34 °C Max. - 16 °C Min.  
Altitude: 1400 - 1750masl

Region: Gakenke District, Rwanda
Rainfall:  1000 mm/year
Humidity: 75%