CATUR / UWU [2021]




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Arrived May 4th, 2022 to Seaforth SCS in Vancouver, BC

Forward purchased 15 x 60kg bags of CATUR Collection, KAMALA Uwu #01.

Four (4) bags of this lot have been booked by Hatch Crafted in Marham, Ontario.

CATUR Coffee is a collaborative effort to improve the landscape of coffee production with Indonesia. Operated by So So Good Coffee Company and currently six different 'processors' throughout the archipelago, CATUR is utilizing different strains of yeast to derive flavour within the cup. There are four different flavour categories being created throughout the six processing facilities, BUMI, SENJA, PUCUK and KAMALA.

"KAMALA means lotus as well as pale red in Sanskrit. This is our take on what Indonesian coffees could be under experimental yet directed post-harvest techniques. KAMALA offers different arrays of fruity, boozy and out of this world flavours! We achieved this through the use of mostly anaerobic natural technique as well as trial-based inoculants." - Mikael Jasin, Founder

This specific lot comes from East Nusa Tenggara and is processed by a group called TUANG COFFEE in the region of Manggarai, within Flores, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Traditionally, farmers here grow coffee as supplementary source of income as they grow other cash crops. Through providing stable order of coffee, education and equipment we are aiming to put more focus on coffee cultivation in the area. Together, we collect cherries from surrounding mountains and villages about 2- 4 hours away and process them at the town of Ruteng. They are process and fermented in massive 1000L water tanks as they come in big batches from the villages. Coffees from Tuang Coffee have always been the staple for our coffee competition choices: from the Indonesian Barista Championship to the World Barista Championship. 

Through this collaboration, CATUR and Tuang Coffee have processed 192,000 kg of cherry in the Manggarai area, producing around 20,000 kg of green bean, throughout different profiles. This directly impacted 741 families in the local area. 

To see other coffees from the CATUR Coffee Collection, follow this link.

Variety: Kartika
Price Forward paid per kilogram: $11.54 USD FOB
Process: 'KAMALA' Natural Anaerobic #01
Total kilos available: 15 x 60kg
Harvest date: August 2021
Fermentation: 10 days whole cherry fermentation inside 1000L water tank
Drying time: 45 days in raised beds utilizing the sun until 11% moisture
Humidity: Nearly 100% relative humidity
Density: 650 gm/L
Altitude: 1400 - 1600 masl
Region: Batukaang, Kintamani, Bali